Thursday, May 28, 2015


Ding Dong Common Core Standards...DEAD? 

Is it true? Have you heard the news? I'm sure by now you have and if you were like me your notifications on your smart phones have been blowing up!  At a Republican luncheon this afternoon the Govenah ( best British accent) Chris Christie released this statement... 

"It's now been five years since Common Core was adopted. And the truth is that it's simply not working," Christie says in excerpts released by his office ahead of the speech at Burlington County College. "Instead of solving problems in our classrooms, it is creating new ones. And when we aren't getting the job done for our children, we need to do something different. It is time to have standards that are even higher and come directly from our communities. And, in my view, this new era can be even greater by adopting new standards right here in New Jersey - not 200 miles away on the banks of the Potomac River,"

Say What???? Who is this guy? Did he just do a fake and move and slam dunk an electoral spun house right on Common Core Standards. Ya know the very principles he fought against voters on for years? The same shit he kicked people out of his town halls for saying" Yo Gov...that ain't cool man!" Including yours truly!  In one breeze of a luncheon with his Republican cronies he said "Ahh FUGGEDABOUTIT!"  From what you and I have seen from the guy does it seem too far fetched? 

So if NJ Common Core Standards are not working ( like we have been saying over and over) what about the PARCC? He in this same luncheon stated 
"those higher standards should be determined by the people who are educating the children in those particular states. And my concern about what the administration has done is the federalization of this that takes education further and further away from parents is not the type of education that I think we want in this country or need."   

Yet in that same speech he gave to his buds, who now think he is the second coming of Jesus, stated that  he has no intentions of eliminating the PARCC test and that our NJ students need high standards of testing through the PARCC test! Translation...if you are going to give up Federal Cashola I ain't given up the corporate cash cow of educational testing! So, is he just throwing his voters a bone? Give the dog a bone to chew on and he can run past and steal the goods? We can't be that naive...can we?  

As my smart phone and social media notifications EXPLODE, I am besides myself with some of what I am seeing! Things like" We knew you were a great guy!" " Maybe he will be a great president?" " He is finally listening to the people!" Uh no! Sorry to piss in your cheerio bowls guys! It's called getting ready for his big coming out for the presidential race and doing some damage control for votes in NJ. He wants that white suburban soccer Mom  vote and that white urban soccer Dad with a mini van vote!

If PARCC testing is still being shoved down our kids throats, if teachers are still being evaluated on outcomes of PARCC testing or whatever name they come up with ( think they finally realized oh shit it does spell CCRAP backwards). What the hell are you all jumping for joy for? It's just political nonsense! The money that was wasted in implementing Common Core Standards alone is enough to generate educational programs and clean ups in districts for a few years! You pissed all that money away? Taxpayers money! Hard working people's money! So you can after the masses told ya" Dude shut it down" you just wanted to play who's dick is bigger just to prove all along,  we had the bigger dicks? REALLY Govenah?

Let's just say Chrissy boy is being truthful and he is trying to make amends for his mistake, as a Newarker, I AM STILL NOT SATISFIED! It may sound greedy to those in other areas who may have been fighting so hard for this, but my city is still without Local Control, AND I WANT MORE! If he stood at that podium and said "ya know what I really really jacked things up guys especially in certain cities like Newark and I am truly sorry", maybe he would have a fighting chance! He needed to say along with the elimination of Common Core Standards "I have spoken to Mayor Baraka and effective immediately we are returning full local control to the city of Newark since the state has admittedly failed to make the progress needed. I am asking for the resignation of Cami Anderson immediately. I will meet with parents ( preferably the SOSNJ/Newark Parents Union Parents)  and teachers from the city of Newark and come to a community agreement on how we are best to educate our children!" Now that people is what a man does! Never mind a Governor!

He stated today “ the concerns that I have are significant — and I set a commission up that is now coming back to me with some recommendations, but my charge to them is that we have to keep government at the local level.”  “With education it is most important to have parents involved, there have to be teachers involved as a part of this process and it needs to be part of this process and will be I think as we move forward in New Jersey,”

Well Govenah, now that you are telling the press to keep it is time the state of NJ relinquish it's meat hooks on my city from it's over 20 year Mafioso and let the people of Newark have a say!  We have proven that we have the resourceful and dedicated parents, the students, the workers and the residents to make this happen. So while you take away Common Core...finish the job man! For once just finish the job!  

To my friends out their reading this elated over the news singing " DING DONG NJ COMMON CORE IS DEAD!" remember how it went down in the Wizard of Oz! The house fell...killed one witch...and a bad ass one came right behind it! Those Munchkins shit their pants and ran! Be ready for that next bad ass witch!